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Global Health Governance through vaccines. Evil scheme or conspiracy theory?

The coincidences are too many

Global Health Governance through vaccines. Evil scheme or conspiracy theory?
How can the philanthropist that saves African children vaccinating them be a close friend of a paedophile involved in sex trafficking to such an extent that his wife is divorcing him?

The coincidences are too many. Laboratory experiments for the manufacture of Sars virus transmitted through the air are provocatively and dangerously repetitive.
Today we will unfold all the data we have.

These are data that have already been published in the largest media in the world, such as the New York Times, as well as in special scientific journals and documents of independent researchers.
It is up to the reader to consider what he reads as mere coincidences, as conspiracy theories or as the stages of Global Health Governance or Global Health Imperialism.
So, let’s see who has spoken publicly about the strong possibility of a laboratory-fabricated Covid-19 virus.

Who they are can help you evaluate as readers and responsible citizens their credibility.

1.The Head of National Intelligence of the USA Mr. Avril Haines, 14th April 2021:
“The intelligence community does not know exactly where, when or how the COVID-19 virus was transmitted initially,” Haines told a Senate hearing. She noted two theories, that it emerged from human contact with infected animals or the result of a laboratory accident.

2. Former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove told the Telegraph that the findings showed the outbreak started with a leak from a Chinese laboratory. “I think it started as an accident. “This raises the question of whether China will take responsibility and whether China will have to pay compensation,” said Dearlove.

3. A joint British-Norwegian study claims that the Corona virus that broke out in Wuhan (COVID-19) is a “chimera” built in a Chinese laboratory.
The study, written by University of London professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian virologist Birger Sorensen and published in the University of Cambridge QRB Discovery, claims that Sars-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID- 19, did not evolve naturally, but it was rather manipulated by human hand (scientist).

4. The New York Times recently published a study by 18 scientists published in the journal Science.

According to scientists at the moment there is not enough evidence to define the source of Covid-19 as natural origin or dispersal after leakage from a laboratory. Whether the leak is an accident or was intentional is not currently being investigated. However, even in the accident scenario, those involved must be brought to justice.
Jesse Bloom, David Relman, Michael Worobey, all agree that conclusions were drawn hastily, and further thorough investigation should be conducted. The WHO did not live up to the situation’s expectations and the research comes after the hasty and reckless operation of the World Health Organization and Fauci to insist on the theory of natural transmission.
You realise then that the accidental or deliberate escaping of the virus scenario is back in the spotlight after the latest developments that are being followed by the readers of Clockwork Orange Times.

5. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the expert report on the origin of Covid-19 “a mockery of the misinformation campaign” promoted by the Communist Party of China and the World Health Organization.
W.H.O Director-General of the Center Antanom Gebregesus “collaborated” with Chinese President Xi Jinping “to hide the transmission of (the virus) from person to person at a CRITICAL moment”, wrote on Twitter the former minister of the Donald Trump government.

Further comments of the above-mentioned people are as follows:
Sorensen the Norwegian virologist claims that the coronavirus is a “chimera” made in the Chinese laboratory.
He also said that the US and China have been working together for such research in advanced laboratories for many years.
Indeed, a Medium report notes that Shi Zhengli, a scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), also known as “Bat Woman”, and her team had been doing “chimerical constructions” since 2007 and only in 2017 received a grant of $ 3.7 million.
Pompeo often blames China for allowing the pandemic to spread around the world and WHO for failing in its mission because it did not want to disrupt relations with Beijing. Among other things, he had previously stated that he had evidence that the new coronavirus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the city where the first cases of Covid were detected, in late December 2019.

Shi Zhengli


The Wuhan Institute of Virology remains the most likely source of the virus and the WHO is complicit,” Pompeo reiterated, defending the previous government’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Organization. After Joe Biden took over the presidency, the United States returned to the WHO.

Republicans involve Fauci in Wuhan’s lab experiments.
Fauci has already received a first interrogation from a Republican lawmaker who was well-informed about experiments in the famous chimera viruses in the laboratories of the Chinese city from which Bill Gates’ pre-announced catastrophe began in 2015.

Bill Gates, the satanic coincidences of 2015, and the dangerous experiment of the same year

Bill Gates announced the pandemic in 2015 in a speech at TEDx.

In the same year (2015) he would invest in the company CureVac that worked on mRNA vaccines!

In 2019, he would invest another 10 billion euros in a biotechnology company which would then buy stakes in Moderna and Novavax.
In May 2021 he would continue his investment in this type of vaccine through Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance.
That is, Bill Gates appears to have already invested in 3 companies that make mRNA vaccines. Moderna, Novavax and CureVac, American and German companies.

So, first terror is spread by grandiloquent professors about the next pandemic which has to reach us prepared and then at the same time, you yourself announce bioterrorism, which is already here, because what we are living now is the first chapters of bioterrorism.
And somewhere in a laboratory on the planet morbid scientists sponsored by Big Philanthropy are conducting experiments. The Big Philanthropist and Sponsor has the tools to legitimize his plan.
Meanwhile, his wife after 27 years of marriage, is filing for a divorce due to his inability to terminate his relationship with Epstein as the Wall Street Journal revealed. So, she knows a lot.
As soon as Epstein was arrested, she filed for a divorce for fear of the
revelations. Except that Epstein was silenced and before he pushed up the daisies, he had appointed as a third trustee of his will a former partner of Bill Gates. There are at least 9 victims of Epstein whose lawyer is asking Bill Gates to testify of his own free will. What kind of evidence has the lawyer at his disposal?

November 13, 2015. The journalist (author and translator of books) of in.gr, specialized in health issues and with studies in biology, Mr. Vangelis Practikakis reports:

“Combining a bat virus with the deadly SARS virus, an international research team has created a hybrid virus that can infect humans and possibly cause epidemics.
The researchers say the study helped identify a potential risk, but others believe that such experiments are too risky”.
The research team insists, however, that the benefits outweigh the risks. According to Ralph Baric (who was the mastermind of the Experiment) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, without the study no one would have realized that a bat virus could be ready to cause human epidemics.

April 2020, a year ago.

University of North Carolina School of Public Health professor of epidemiology Ralph Baric (who participated in the dangerous experiment) says he and his research team have developed a new broad-spectrum antiviral pill called EIDD. -2801.
– “The new drug not only has great potential to treat patients with Covid-19, but also seems to be effective in treating other serious coronavirus infections.”
After publishing in the “Science Translational Medicine” journal the researchers are ready to start clinical trials on human beings.
Professor stated a year ago: “This new drug not only has great potential to treat patients with Covid-19, but also appears to be effective in treating other serious coronavirus infections,” such as the viruses that cause SARS and MERS”.
Since then, we have not heard of Professor Ralph Baric or his team either. What happened to the drug?

Ralph Baric

This has not been the first drug that appeared effective in the battle against Covid-19. There had been the one that cured Trump in a few days. Obviously, someone does not want his vaccines to be replaced by any drug.

The drug of the Greek that saved Trump
We all remember how the overweight 74-year-old Trump managed to get rid of the virus in no time. According to Trump himself, he had been given a drug cocktail before the appearance of the symptoms by the company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, whose Greek President and Chief Scientific Officer George D. Yancopoulos, M.D., Ph.D. said “The casirivimab and imdevimab antibody cocktail is designed to mimic what a well-functioning immune system does by using very potent antibodies to neutralize the virus”, for which there were doubts afterwards as far as the question of being responsible for the improvement of the president’s health is concerned.
Months later Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is planning to apply for a licence from the Food and Drug Administration. They get a fast authorization but with limitations.
Casirivimab and imdevimab administered together are authorized for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 in adults, as well as in pediatric patients at least 12 years of age and weighing at least 40 kg, who have received positive results of direct SARS-CoV-2 viral testing and are at high risk for progressing to severe COVID-19 and/or hospitalization. The clinical evidence from Regeneron’s outpatient trial suggests that monoclonal antibodies such as casirivimab and imdevimab have the greatest benefit when given early after diagnosis and in patients who have not yet mounted their own immune response or who have high viral load.
Casirivimab and imdevimab have not been approved by FDA and remain investigational. Evaluation of its safety and efficacy is ongoing in multiple clinical trials. Data from these trials will be used to support a future BLA submission.
Regeneron partner Roche manufactures the drug at its California plant and is responsible for overseas sales.
The two companies said they believe they can produce more than two million doses of cocktails a year.

Global Health Governance and the “accidental” obsession-insistence of scientists on the production of killer viruses
In 2011 Dr Ron Fouchier and his collaborators had taken one of the deadliest flu viruses A (Η5Ν1) and made it even more dangerous, slightly modifying its genetic material so that it could be transmitted more easily, The New York Times state on the 31st of December 2011.
The American authorities automatically asked from the scientific journals not to reveal all the research data for fear they might put ideas into would-be terrorists’ minds as if the pathogen acquired the ability to be easily transmitted, we would be facing the deadliest flu pandemic of all time.
“Such research should not be conducted” many specialists like Richard Ebright say. “Such viruses often escape American labs. It could happen to this new hyper-virus too”.

Dr Ron Fouchier

Dr Fouchier using as an excuse that nature could have done the same, he continued the experiments and finally his researchers verified that the modified H5N1 avian influenza virus was transmitted by air. A “killer” had been born.

The GHG [Global Health Governance] or The Global Health Imperialism

Global Health Imperialism and the legitimacy problem with global philanthropy.
A summary of the points raised in two articles by Jacob Levich and Sophie Harman.
Both articles have to do with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Levich in his article proposes a new term: “Global Health Imperialism” instead of Global Health Governance to prove the motives of foundations, governments, and institutions in the new era. Harman checks whether these foundations, BMGF [BillMelinda Gates Foundation] in particular can be called legitimate.
A definition of GHG [Global Health Governance] was presented by Levich to show the change in the earlier models of international healthcare:
“the use of formal and informal institutions, rules and processes by states, intergovernmental organizations, and nonstate actors to deal with challenges to health that require cross-border collective action to address effectively. (Fidler 2010: 3) He explains that the above definition means that now non-state actors have an authority in the action area previously reserved to national governments.
Previously, world health was typically seen as a collaborative effort, among sovereign nations under the guidance of the World Health Organization. In its place arose “a collective of partially overlapping and nonhierarchical regimes” (Youde 2012)—that is, a profusion of foundationand state-sponsored NGOs, based primarily in the West and funded directly by multi-billionaires.
BMGF is one of those. A global philanthropist that has created a global, militarized, supranational authority capable of responding decisively to outbreaks of infectious disease (Gates 2015a).
After the Ebola case the West had written itself a blank check for future military operations in the developing world.
Thus, the Ebola epidemic was exploited to introduce a justification and a quasi-legal framework for the realization of militarized “global health governance”— intervention anytime, anywhere in the developing world, under cover of humanitarian concern.

Big Philanthropy thus, underwrites vertical initiatives potentially profitable to Western-based transnational corporations—for example, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals—instead of supporting primary care and strengthening national health systems. Drugs and other health-care commodities produced by Western TNCs are financed by the taxes of the poor.
An example of these procedures is given by Levich: In March 2015, the foundation announced that it had taken a $52 million stake in CureVac, a private pharmaceutical firm involved in the development of vaccines using genetically engineered mRNA (Herper 2015).
For the first time, BMGF would hold a direct financial interest in the success of a commercial pharmaceutical business. Since the foundation takes a leading role in shaping the vaccine purchases of governments worldwide, the investment constituted a clear-cut conflict of interest.
Yet the world of Big Philanthropy, formerly boastful of its independence from crass commercial pressures, remained silent, and no criticism appeared in the popular or business press. Public interest was by now so thoroughly intertwined with private gain that the CureVac story seemed unremarkable.
BMGF also managed to assist Big Pharma in its efforts to circumvent regulatory regimes by sponsoring cut-rate drug trials in the developing countries.
As a result, existing systems of international health-care governance are being superseded by new forms of supranational governance comprising the formal institutions of global capitalism. Levich states that “global health imperialism” is clearly on the ascendant.

What the parts involved in this new framework of world health care used as an excuse for the phenomenon Elich says, that the following: “The world, advocates say, now stands at a critical, unprecedented juncture—one at which the acceleration of cross-border travel, urbanization, and trade has made “emerging infections” inevitable and potentially catastrophic. (This is asserted as self-evident, despite the fact that two of the three most deadly pandemics of the past century—the Spanish Flu of 1918 and the Asian flu of 1957–1958—took place decades before “global interconnectedness” became a fashionable concept.)
The menace is invariably framed in terms reflecting colonialist assumptions and summoning racial fears: communicable diseases are discussed as phenomena emerging from poor countries and threatening to the Western World. GHG theory is “global” in a very specific sense: it is concerned with addressing perceived threats to the wealthy core posed by the impoverished periphery. It is an ideology that meshes neatly with the present phase of imperialism.
Harman in her article raises the question of legitimacy of the BMGF.
She argues that in order for a foundation to be called legitimate apart from having consent and contestation of the ruled, it also requires justification of the rules and evidence of discontent.
Consent by those outside of the global health elite and on the receiving end of the projects and ideas of the BMGF is less evident as there would be a conflict if interests. Institutions that receive financing cannot contradict their donors. Whereas as the BMGF has already gained public acceptance through their media presence and the fact that it has local governments as partners there is no public contestation.
The absence of public contestation is not an asset to the BMGF, but undermines the legitimacy of both the foundation and the wider processes of elite global health governance that it reproduces.
To sum up, the emergence of the new Global Health Imperialism by a global supranational authority is evident and its legitimacy should be questioned.
Epilogue: To what extent the hilarious World Health Organisation is used for the Global Health Governance aspirations is daily proven all over the world.
W.H.O has announced that instead of vaccinating 12-year-olds, the rich countries should give the vaccines to the poor countries where the virus is thriving.
Simultaneously W.H.O and the state organizations:
First: have not officially admitted, not even one death due to the vaccines. How can that be possible when even aspirin can potentially have fatal side effects? So, we do not know officially how many died because of the vaccines. And this is criminal as it is unfair to the vaccines themselves.
Second: There has not been a single large-scale research which involves fully vaccinated people, to see how many of those are virus positive.
Third: When Biden instructs the Americans to take off their masks, W.H.O instructs them to continue wearing them.

Fourth: We cannot be aware of the success or not of the Israel’s vaccination as the country has been hermetically closed since 20/03/2020.

Conclusion: If the world political leaders really want to save their citizens and themselves (without risking being brought to justice) they should shed light to the virus origin. They should free themselves from the one-way street of the vaccines especially now that the king of vaccines and governor of Global Health Governance has been proved to be naked.
If the planet is saved this time by the Vaccine Imperialism and the Global Health Governance, it will be due to Malinda Gates’ who revealed that the King Bill Gates is naked.

Global Health Governance through vaccines. Evil scheme or conspiracy theory?
How can the philanthropist that saves African children vaccinating them be a close friend of a paedophile involved in sex trafficking to such an extent that his wife is divorcing him?